Thursday, July 7, 2011

Micheal Keaton

So I go to the mall, again, because I needed a tie - I will never understand why clothing companies can't make an affordable tie that can withstand tempuratures exceding 400 degrees - anyway while I am there I visit one of those little phone stands you find in the middle of the mall, the ones that look like they should be selling tacos or snowcones at the very least but then you get to the front of the line to order and they are all like "why is you current cellphone plan?"

Number one: I was just rudely awaken from a churro fantasy by a large guy behind the counter in a suit with the shapes of stars and arrows shaved into his head (the dress code might be business casual but the hair looked like a comic book villan.) and Number two: my cellphone plan was setup so long ago I only have three digits in my phone number.

(Trend setter.)

So I told the guy behind the counter (which in my head I called "star dancer,") that my phone was so old it was steam powered and asked if i could get a new one - he walked away to check something in the computer all the way on the other side of the phone/churro stand.

This was apperently exactly the moment his partner was waiting for. He was a large black man in a suit, which except for some bad life choices which resulted in him wearing a name tag and standing behind a counter in a mall, could have easily passed for an FBI agent in one of the Die Hard films. He walked up to me and leaned across the counter  - my head was somewhere less compleatly because I wasn't even paying attention at all until the spoke.

"Has anyone ever told you that you look just like Micheal Keaton?"


Had it not caught me so compleatly off guard I would have answered "actually not a day goes by that someone doesn't say that to me, then again he is my dad."

Of course I am pretty sure this guy was trying to ask me out or thought I was gay and trying to flirt with me to sell me a phone. I just laughed at him not sure if it was a complement or an insult, i mean i don't think micheal keaton's parents remember Micheal Keaton. I told him that I had never head that before and he appologized  - maybe because of the way I was laughing at him but then he returned to his side of the stand while"star dancer," came back with a couple new phones to look at.

Long story short I ended up not getting a phone but i can't help but think that guy just stands there all day waiting to tell people that they look like celebriteis with his partner turns his back. not a bad job to have I guess.

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